Tyre Scuffing

2011-09-02 15.11.30
2011-09-02 15.10.38
Middle axle tyres. Middle axle being the worst for diagonal wear. Photo 1 and 2 show where the tread is actually ” SCUFFING” on the road and causing abbrasion to rubber like sandpaper to wood, due to “EXCESSIVE” jumping of tyre. Photo 3 shows where diagonal wear is starting to wear shoulders and irregularity is in 2 to 3 parts of these tyres. Left unattended it gets worse — costing operators many $$ in lost wear plus casings being damaged from fractures and separation from said “Excessive” jumping effect.


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An independent tyre expert has come out this week saying the wrong type of person is often in tyre choice roles, looking to cut costs, which can lead to unforeseen problems. For example, when trailer hub meters broke down they chose not to replace them. The hub meter is like a speedometer for trailers, helping in the maintenance of brakes, tyres, axles and general maintenance of trailers.